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Sergiy Druchkiv, Owner
General Contractor and Subcontractor

Sergiy started Build and Remodeling Co in 2002 in Denver, and since that time has worked on over X,XXX projects, both large and small. He has delighted homeowners, residential builders and commercial contractors all over the Denver metro area by offering a unique set of advantages:

Flexibility to meet the scope of any project. As a general contractor, Sergiy has a crew of highly experienced and licensed trade professionals. Whatever your needs, he will pull together the ideal team for you.

Rigorous fine arts training in woodworking. Sergiy graduated with honors from the prestigious Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Focusing on the complex artistry of wood design, finishing and restoration, he became adept at architectural carpentry — encompassing both modern and traditional styles. After coming to the U.S., he honed his craft at a fine carpentry company specializing in custom stairs, cabinets and flooring.

Strong communication skills. Sergiy has a talent for listening to your needs — and translating those desires into a beautiful, functional and cost-efficient end result that exceeds expectations.

Availability as a fine finish carpentry subcontractor — to commercial and multi-unit residential builders. In addition to managing and working with Build and Remodeling Co, Sergiy is also fully licensed and insured to work with commercial builders on a project basis. He has extensive experience on multi-million dollar developments in both the commercial and residential markets.

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The Build & Remodeling Co


1. Competitive: Budgets are carved in stone before works begins. Allowances are set based on your requirements.


2. Quality: Only reputable, proven vendors and subcontractors—the very best in Denver—are part of our team.


3. Efficient: A comprehensive schedule —updated regularly—keeps your project moving forward in a timely manner.


4. Informed: We provide regular status updates in the mode most convenient to you. Questions or comments? We’re always available.


5. Respectful: We treat your home like it was our own, with daily cleanup and procedures that ensure safety.